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Through team work and effective communication Bb Game Solutions matches the best software with business center and internet cafe partners to drive revenues.


Through Effective communication Bb Game Solutions works with clients ongoing as needed.

Optimize Performance

Sometimes software needs to be optimized to meet store performance goals.

Software Approval

We work with clients through the process of getting approved and set up.

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Request a contact and we will follow up with you. We look forward to speaking with you and getting your approved for the best software that meets your needs.

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Seeing profits going down? Want to make sure your store gets profitable quickly? When you partner with Bebe Game Solutions you are NOT just another number. We care about our clients and help them strategically optimize profits.

Bebe Game Solutions has experience running and managing stores. With over 10 years experience working with software companies and developers we access your needs and ensure you are set up properly for max profit.


Best Sweepstakes Gaming Software Options

Once we get your store approved you get set up fast! Enjoy the best profitable internet cafe gaming software on the market.

Client Support

You WILL have questions. We WILL help. Our entire goal is to support you and help you grow your profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new and looking to open new stores we can help. If you already have stores we have solutions and the expertise to help you scale and maximize your profits. Regardless there are always questions. Here are some of the most common..

Sweepstakes software for business centers and internet cafes.
Bb Games Solutions works with leading sweepstakes software engineers and providers. We help you get approved and continue as your dedicated account manager. Your success is our success.

There are 3 easy ways to contact us and get the ball rolling:



After we discuss your current situation and goals we work to get you approved for the best sweepstakes software fit for your store. Depending on the system you want we work towards getting the software installed Fast. Our team will work with you until installation and set up is complete.

The first step is to request contact and software approval with us. After our brief conversation we then go to work getting you approved for the software. We get updated immediately upon approval and then contact you on the next steps. The process is very easy.

Your business center and internet cafe will have all the back end functionality you need to effectively run your store and watch your profits.

We consider you a business partner. Your success is our success. We work with you as your account managers and will help you any way we can. Our owners have over 10 years of store owner experience running a very successful business. Having worked with key engineers for over 10 years we have direct access and can help optimize performance to keep your store profitable and your clientele coming back for more.

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Yes. Most sweepstakes software for internet cafes and business centers are web based. Let’s chat and discuss what options are best for your store.


Internet Based / Cloud Systems or Locally Hosted Server Base Sweepstakes Gaming Software Systems. Each has their advantages and each can support your goals, and your existing set up. We have options for both. Profit with either or both solutions.


Bb Game Solutions can help you get set up with some of the best sweepstakes software for your business center and internet cafe fast. We continue to partner with you as your dedicated account managers optimizing performance so that you keep profits consistent.

Blumax Software

Sunfire Software

Galaxy Software

Quack Software

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